Friday, October 21, 2011

Feeling Lite ...

The 'Lite' life cycles app was downloaded some 800 times yesterday ... and about the same the next day! The paid version that came about a week before is nowhere near that of course.

What's most interesting? Not a single comment on rating ... :P

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Low calorie "Life Cycles" is in Appstore now!

Feed The Frog!

Jai Ho Update

Coming Soon - Jai Ho update that reduces the app size from 60 MB to some 40 MB.

Next I'm trying to reduce the size a little more - which is really hard to do in an app full of images - and add a brand new pics and details to the Sikhism section.

Also in works - a quiz portion which checks if one knows a god from the pic.

Life Cycles Progress

"Life Cycles for Kids" is actually doing rather ok right now. No negative comments - so that's good! :)

I have resubmitted a modified Lite version now and it's under review. It would be great to have that alongside the paid version. This is what I expect from apps I want to buy so I also wanted to offer the same.

The app is also submitted to several websites for review currently and I hope it gets a nice review and it helps make the app more visible.

Looking forward.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Life Cycles is in store now

Life Cycles for Kids is in iTunes store now! :)
Very happy about finishing this one.

The Lite version was rejected with some suggestions - will revisit it and try to get it there. For a 2 buck app it seems necessary.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Life Cycles!

"Life Cycles For Kids" is submitted in the AppStore today. This is my first app where I'm putting a lite version as well so that a user can try out the app and decide if it is something they would like.

This is also my most ambitious app yet, includes all things I know about app making - and some I don't - and I'm very happy to see this go out the door.