Monday, November 7, 2011


These are the comments I have had so far - and since this is the only place where I really can respond to them:

Comments for Shri Hanuman Chalisa of Tulsidasa

Jai hunuman 
It was get and fel asome when hear hunuman chal and I love it to read also thanks

Thanks Rupesh! I appreciate your taking time to comment on the app. Hope you continue to find things in your life that make you feel one with the world and a better person.

Good but 
Good formatting and presentation, but only works upright. Please add landscape mode. Thanks.

Ibis93 : Thanks for your comment, rating and the suggestion. I hear ya! I would like to do the rotation.

There are some challenges here though. There are, as you might have noticed, 9 sections on each screen of the app - they become 8 when you are in 2-option mode (Hindi-English/English-Explnation/Hindi-Explnation) and again 9 when you are in 1-option or 3-option mode.

For a horizontal display, I would have to go with either a 4 section or 8 section (4|4) display. This would make the coding and pagination a little code intensive if the user keeps turning the app while in middle of the chalisa.

Bottom-line - Will find some bandwidth to get to it.

Comments for Jai Ho

Not very good, some pictures with minor information.

C'mon dude Sfci! There are some 100 pics. And this is a Flash Card app, so the info really has to be precise and quick. I'll look into adding wikipedia link in future releases. Anyhow, I do sincerely appreciate your taking a moment to comment though.

Comments for Life Cycles for Kids

Cute - This is a lovely app for showing the life cycles, but they miss the circle. The caterpillar turns into a butterfly, but the butterfly needs to lay eggs, which hatch into the caterpillar. The bird hatches from the egg, but you don't see where the egg comes from. Nor do you see the tree drop it's seeds. Just one more step to complete the cycle in each activity would make it perfect.

Thanks Tortle24! I'll think about how I can incorporate this into the app. Some are easy - as in seed - but some like frog eggs, I have no clue how to show it happening. Maybe I can do it with a voiceover? Will think about it. Thanks for the suggestion. It is appreciated.

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